Slide “Working with World Accent Management was a delight. The weekly classes opened my eyes on some key points of the American English pronunciation and really helped me gain confidence in my pronunciation. The program builds a solid base for continuous improvement.” Natacha French (France) “The secret of a good accent is working with the World Accent Management.” Hugo Spanish (Venezuela) “The Accent Reducation Program with the World Accent Management Director Caressa Benone was a most educational and above all enjoyable experience. I am thankful for her instruction and patience. During the 15 classes we had together, I have learned not only to listen to my own voice, and the kinds of sounds one makes, but also how to sound these out correctly, and with a certain precision and persuasion. Initially, it was rather hard for me to fully understand what I needed to do with my facial muscles or how to place the tongue, when trying for new sounds. Yet later on, I have learned to deal with my frustrations while practicing daily, even if only for a couple of minutes a few times a day. Indeed, it is no secret – as the old good saying goes – that “practice makes perfect.” Mindful of this fact, I keep on practicing in order to develop my speaking skills further. At times it feels like I am training for a play, working through my voice exercises, before going onstage. Have you seen My Fair Lady? Well, this is exactly how this course is like, just much more fun! Trust me. You will love it, once you hear your new voice. I would recommend taking at least few classes in accent reduction to all professionals, who rely daily on their voice to be heard and understood.” Amos Czech (Czech Republic) “I am more confident that I have improved my spoken English with enhanced pronunciations. In addition, I become aware of my accents from the way I pronounced, so I can correct my accents from the root cause. I also can tell more clearly how the native English speakers speak and get better feel about the correct way to speak English language itself. I got chances to be told where I was wrong about certain words and intonation interactively where it is almost impossible to get in real work and life situations.” Donald Mandarin (China) “Caressa Benone was extremely professional, friendly and prompt; always willing to go the extra mile. She would promptly login at the assigned time with accurate details of the past class and current materials to be reviewed. She helped me correct many wrong pronunciations, I had been using even though I had learned English since childhood; “Digit” and “Decade” stand out in memory.” Jose Malayalam (India) “The best thing about this program is that it helps students develop self-awareness. So I can monitor myself and watch out when I slip into my old patterns of speech.” H.N. Arabic (Iraq) “It is a great course that helped me to improve my Latin accent and even better it helped me to be consensus of how I'm pronouncing sounds and correct my accent.” Sergio Spanish (Costa Rica) “I found this course very helpful. I would definitely recommend taking it to those people who know that there is something wrong with their pronunciation but are not sure what exactly. I feel more confident now when communicating in English.” Jane Russian (Russia) “I took online distance training accent reduction class, it is similar to one to one individual class, but student can take class at home; this program is very helpful for me, the instructor prepares each class very well, she is very professional to help me tow to use Complete Word Production and Voice Projection, correct my miss-spell and accent words.” Joe Mandarin (China) “The program made me aware of English vowels as well as my own accent. Since I began the program, I started to hear and produce the vowels of English better and speak more confidently.” J.J. Spanish (Venezuela) “This course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to communicate effectively. The practical examples, teacher guidance and resources are very useful. The program was really well structured and individualized to my needs.” A.G. Malayalam (India) “This is really a very good and helpful program to me. I had some issues with some sounds. For example, I thought the “oo” in “book” and “loop” sounded the same, and I could not tell the difference between the “woman” and “women”. I still have some of my pronouncing problems, but through this program, I began to aware these sounds when I am watching TV, listening to radio, or talking to others. The teacher is nice and very friendly. I wish I had more time to practice more daily.” Guifeng Mandarin (China) “Improving my accent has helped tremendously my professional development and career.” Ana Spanish (Chile) “World Accent Management is an excellent resource to minimize accent and improved self confidence while speaking English.” A.B. Farsi (Iran) "This course was very helpful. I had been trying to improve my accent for a long time. However, this course provided me the right techniques and tools to continuously work on my accent and make improvement in short span of time." Raj Hindi (India) “The best thing is the program teaches you to be your own teacher.” Cong Mandarin (China)

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