Small Group Accent Reduction Classes

Slide Small group classes

In our small group accent training sessions, you will work with one of our highly qualified specialist that is trained to identify and modify foreign or regional accents. Group classes are small in size, ranging from 2-5 clients, in order to ensure that you will receive the attention and feedback that you deserve. The class will meet for 1.5-2 hours every week for 10 weeks. Based off each group member’s individualized accent analysis, the instructor will develop a way to work on each client’s individual goals in a group setting.

Following the initial accent analysis our specialist will develop a program that targets what is impacting a person's speech clarity the most. These individual classes are highly effective for both foreign and regional accents.
This program includes:
•   A written accent analysis for each group member, in order to identify what areas need improvement.
•   A customized plan that identifies each person's needs and sound errors to successfully reduce their accent.
•   Group classes with one of our accent specialists that will meet for 1.5-2hours every week for 10 weeks.
•   Accent Analysis reevaluation for each group member to measure success with before and after percentages, before and after audio recording samples and a detailed written report.
•   Self-study programthat helps you continue to improve on your own after the sessions have ended. Our goal is to teach you to be your own teacher, so you can continue to improve and work on your accent following the end of the program.
•   Free consulting for 6 months. One of our accent instructors will be available for a brief phone or email consult for up to 6 months after the accent program has ended.
•   Support from other group members. Taking group classes puts you with other people that have similar goals.
•   Reduced program cost.
•   Location convenience-if it is more convenient, we will come to you or we can meet at one of our offices.
•   Clear before and after comparisons and audio recordings so you can hear how much you progressed.

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