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World Accent Management is proud to offer accent modification classes online to clients anywhere in the world. These classes are effective for both foreign and regional accent reduction. They can be taken by anyone with a moderate to high level of English proficiency. They are designed to help pronunciation and clarity in the English language.

Following the initial accent analysis our specialist will develop a program that targets what is impacting a person's speech clarity the most. These individual classes are highly effective for both foreign and regional accents.
This program includes:
A written accent analysis in order to identify what areas need improvement.
•    A customized plan, which identifies how to successfully modify your accent.
•    Intensive, individual sessions with one of our instructors for one hour every week for ten weeks. (view our qualifications)
•    Between-session assignments designed to help you practice and apply what you have learned to help solidify the skills you learned in class.
•    Accent Analysis Re-evaluation that measures your success with before and after percentages, before and after audio recording samples and a detailed written report.
•    Self-Study Program, for continuing to improve on your own after the sessions have ended.
•    Free consulting for 6 months. One of our accent specialists will be available for a brief phone or e-mail consults for up to 6 months after your accent program has ended.
•    Intensive one on one instruction.
•    Take our classes from any location in the world!
•    Increased flexibility with scheduling.
•    Cheaper than other alternatives.
•    Clear before and after audio comparisons so you can hear how much improvement you made.
•    You can take the classes from the comfort of your home or office.

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