Our Services Our services are designed to identify and modify accented pronunciation habits that may make your speech difficult to understand. We do not attempt to eliminate your accent because accents are beautiful and a part of your history. We strongly feel that your accent is something to be proud of, and that it can help distinguish you and express your individuality. We will help you speak confidently and clearly, with your unique accent!

Slide Accent Analysis Our comprehensive accent analysis is a necessary first step to determining what is impacting your accent the most and how to improve your English pronunciation. After recording several speech samples, your instructor will phonetically transcribe and analyze your accent in detail to identify what is impacting intelligibility the most. You will receive a detailed written report of the your accented sounds and any other areas that need to be addressed to successfully reduce your accent. The accent analysis includes:

• In-depth recording and analysis of your accent at the beginning and end of the program.
• A detailed written report at the beginning of the program identifying specific aspects of your accent that need modification. The report will summarize their accented sounds, intonation, stress, rhythm and voice projection, etc.
• A recommended program to reduce the accented sounds and any other identified areas.
• A written report at the end of the program summarizing the sounds that were targeted in the program, a percentage of improvement, and a summary of the greatest improvements. The report will also outline a practice at home program so you can continue improving their accent by yourself.

Slide Individual in-person classes Designed for the busy professional, this class will give you a flexible, custom designed program to target what is impacting your communication most to successfully modify your accent. Find out more Online Classes This individual class is offered in our online classroom with one of our highly trained accent specialists. Address specific professional or personal tasks all from the comfort of your home or office. Find out more Small Group Classes With class sizes of only 2-5 people, you will still receive the individual attention that you deserve. Each client will have their own individualized program that identifies and works on their accent needs in a group setting. Find out more Custom-Designed Program We work to create a customized program to meet your goals. Whether you need to work on your pronunciation for a presentation or prepare for an interview, our accent specialists will tailor a program to fit your needs. Find out more

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